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Transforming IT & Cybersecurity into a Business Enabler


What We Do

business people2We will show you how to utilize technology in all aspects of your business to increase your profitability and security.

MJJT Consultants has assembled a unique team of professionals working together to enable your business to exploit all the latest technical advances. Most people think IT consists of computers and the Internet. That all plays a big part in the IT world, but today your IT Consultants are the major factor if your business fails or skyrockets. Security is one of the biggest worries businesses have. Hard drive failure causes a major problem for any business, as well as, content security on your sites or drives. We manage online application security and network security, as well as, performing IT security auditing.

MJJT Consultants is the umbrella company of Ultratek Computers & Communications, Top Web Designer, Tri-State Web Marketing, and Secured Transactions, as well as, many other resources that we use to help keep your business profitable. These resources are manipulated in a way to produce great customer service and satisfaction in all aspects of your business.

Technology has lunged into all business aspects like legal, shipping mailing, telephones and commissions, accounting, and even maintaining your lights in the office. We want to be part of your business plan to distinguish all aspects of your necessities or requirements.

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