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Website Analysis

Let Tri-State Web Marketing Analyze your website and show you how to improve it. Earn 75 dollars of credit which can be applied to any services purchased from Tri-State Web Marketing. **
For $75, Tri-State Web Marketing will do a top-to-bottom analysis of the design, content, organization, and search optimization of your website. We'll recommend additional services, such as LiveTrack Website Analytics or Email Marketing, to transform your site into a powerful Web marketing tool.
You will receive a written report describing:

  • Suggested design revisions and services to improve the website
  • The major search engines that have indexed your website
  • The number of pages indexed on your website vs. the number of pages indexed on your competitors' website
  • The relative page rankings of your website vs. your competitors'

Don't let your Web site languish on the outer fringes of the Internet. Get an analysis from Tri-State Web Marketing and put your website on the right track.
**Unused credit expires 3 months after initial purchase