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Transforming IT & Cybersecurity into a Business Enabler


Network Security Assessment

firewallAre you considering the different risks upon your network?
Determining the actual security of your network decreases the amount of risk that threatens your business's profitability.
Our fee for network security assessment is $150, which we will match in credit for other services by MJJT or its subsidiaries. Basically, you get $300 worth of service for $150.
Your network is essential to business. Protect your network and vital data with network management and security from MJJT Consultants. We can set up, manage, and audit network security for any business—small or large. We keep your business free from hackers, worms, trojans, and viruses, and also protect your email against spam.
Business networks are constantly at risk for attacks from spyware or malware. We can check your computers, networks, security of your backups, routers, and Internet connection. We will provide a summary of the health of your network, as well as, any current or future security risk. We also provide disaster recovery and redundancy to protect against the unthinkable.
MJJT also provide network management services which include:

  • Operating system design and upgrades
  • Local and remote software installation and configuration
  • Printer, printer driver, and peripheral installation
  • Wireless technology integration, including switches, range expanders, and print servers.
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