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Hard Drive Disposal

Send us your old hard drive for safe and environmentally friendly disposal. Don't let someone grant access to your information on your old hard drives. Send us the hard drive and we will send back documentation of its destruction as proof. Even if your hard drive doesn't work on your computer, someone still may be able to access your information. This includes USB drives and both old internal or external hard drives. We'll get rid of them ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  1. Fill out a request form to receive a Return Merchandise Application (RMA).
  2. Fill out the RMA and ship it back along with your hard drive to dispose of.
  3. Proceed to ship your item to our address at the Empire State Building:
    MJJT Consultants
    350 5th Ave, 59th Floor
    New York, NY 10118
  4. Once we receive your item, we will send you a confirmation.
  5. We routinely destroy all drives shipped to us on a monthly basis.
  6. Once it's been disposed of, we will send you confirmation of completion for your records.