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Transforming IT & Cybersecurity into a Business Enabler


Free One Hour IT Consultation

Let us evaluate your current Information System. We'll give you a comprehensive review of your company's IT infrastructure by analyzing Information System efficiency, vulnerabilities, and business risk in the following areas*.

  • All desktop computers
  • All servers
  • Network management
    • Internet access and bandwidth
    • Hardware (switches, routers, firewalls)
  • Remote access and VPN
  • Web presence
  • Communication
    • Phone system
    • Email
    • Mobile devices
  • Disaster recovery plan (Backup data, images, hardware)
    • Local/On-site
    • Remote/Off-site

Your report will contain, in addition to the comprehensive review, recommendations on improving your company's IT system efficiency, reducing business risk, and increasing business profit.
*Only new clients may take advantage of the offer for a free consultation. Current clients of Ultratek Computers & Communications, MJJT Consultants, and/or its subsidiaries are not eligible for this free offer, but may request this service as part of their current business relationship.