Meet our Information Systems Director

Keith LeClaire, Jr.
Information Systems Director

Keith LeClaire, Jr. is the Information Systems Director at MJJT. He started working as technical support with Ultratek Computers back in 1999 before MJJT was established. He continued working with MJJT as an IT Systems Engineer in 2008.

In 2012, he was promoted to IT Systems Director, in charge of IT system design and maintenance, server configuration, phone system, and data center operation management.

Keith has a Bachelor's degree in IT Information Technology, Systems and Network Administrations, and IT Security from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mr. LeClaire has certifications in SSCA and in Barracuda Load Balancer ADC System Engineer.


Professional/Technical Skills/Expertise: SIP, SIP Trunking, VoIP, IP, Network Administration, Linux, Linux server adminsitration, Mac OS X, SS7, Cisco IOS, LAN Switching, Internet Routing, Groups and Associations: Global Wholesale Carriers, Intel IT Center, Official RIP Alumni Association, RIT Alumni Group—Rochester Institute of Technology, SIP Trunking & Enterprise VoIP, SIP Trunking—Trials and Tribulations, SIPCarrier, Session Border Controller, Telecom Executives Business Network, Telecom IT Updates—News & Jobs for Cloud Computing Information Technology & Wireless Professionals, Telecom Professionals, the SIP Forum, VoIP Professionals