Why you should keep FLASH off your website

 Like almost everything else in life, things must change and evolve to survive in its future environment. Flash is one of those things that should be left out of your new website. Sites that depend on Flash are usually not indexed on search engines, and if they happen to be, the result is a listing low on the page, or multiple pages back.

Putting Flash on your website also makes it difficult to enact changes; having to use particular software to manipulate your Flash file takes a lot of time and money. Companies have to pay for experienced and knowledgeable people in an outdated software, which adds up to a large sum over time.

It's no longer viable to use Flash. MJJT offers its Content Management System (CMS) package as an easy replacement, so you can exchange your Flash banners and buttons with HTML5. With a CMS, it is much simpler to change and manipulate your site layout and content. In fact, it only requires very basic skills—you don't even need to know HTML or CSS.

Most importantly, Flash is not compatible on all devices. Many mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones, cannot view flash software. And all desktop internet browsers require some type of flash software to be installed beforehand in order to display your Flash module. In comparison, HTML5 doesn't require amyn installation and can be viewed on all platforms, no matter the device.

Don't narrow your target market just because of visual appearance! Flash may be able to produce a clean-looking aesthetic, but the don't forget that the main goal of the site should be to promote and sell products. Not only does HTML5 help you index your site better, you can also use it to decide what information you want displayed on the search engine so a wider range of potential customers can see.

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