What's your Business's New Years Resolution?

 it's that time of year again—time to review your networks and computers so you can understand your risk of disaster. Check out the 10 questions we feel you should ask yourself concerning your business.

  1. Are you monitoring your Windows updates? How are they affecting your computer(s)?
  2. Do you have security software set up on your computers and servers (like antiviruses and firewalls)?
  3. Have you updated your computer to Windows 7 or better?
  4. Do you have a Windows 2008 r2 server or better running on your network?
  5. Do you back up all your data, including images, on your computer and server?
  6. Does your network have a local administrator account with a password?
  7. Do you have all your product keys and manage your versions of software?
  8. Is your emergency handbook and kit up-to-date?
  9. Do you have an offsite backup for your critical files? Do you have access to them?
  10. Do you have professionals who certify and review your network on a regular basis?

Most importantly, do you still feel secure? If not, your New Years Resolution should be to get an IT audit of your entire network and servers.

  • MJJT creates value for customers through the delivery of strategic technology staffing and consulting services.
  • We help build and supplement organizations by providing introductions to candidates for key positions.
  • We develop partnerships with customers, performing detailed analysis, to gain and an in-depth understanding of their business and their hiring needs.

The ultimate goal is to have your computer to help you run your business and not let your computers control your business.

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