Routers vs. Firewalls—Which one are you missing?


The most critical aspect for business security is the security of the network used to access the internet.

Most businesses have some sort of router, like a Linksys, which blocks some incoming files, but allows all files out. What commonly occurs is that a h acker or some malware sneaks in through one of the opened ports, and takes control over the entire network. Old networks cannot maintain and protect large amounts of bandwidth.

The best way to protect your network is to get a firewall which collaborates with your router. The firewalls restrict the opening and closing of all ports on the entire network. For ports that have to be kept open constantly, firewalls will filter out malware or viruses. You really need a professional to set up this software because of its importance in ensuring your security.

MJJT will make sure that your firewalls log all activity on the network and that the latest firmware filters are up-to-date.

Expensive firewalls such as the Barracuda NG Firewall might seem a bit excessive, but the security they provide massively reduces the risk of any infection and doesn't compare to the amount of money you can lose during the downtime of your network.

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