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Transforming IT & Cybersecurity into a Business Enabler


Does your website have the three R's?

 Make sure your website is featured high in search results! It's vital to the success of your business to have a properly built website in today's rapidly evolving technological world.

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Fax to email: The future of document sending

In this edition of the MJJT Consultants IT blog, we are going to discuss a better way to send documents over the wire. Fax to email is a new technology that enables you to link your business fax number to an email address and then converts all faxes to a PDF file.

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Cloud computing: Understanding new technology

 Cloud computing. For a new startup, this is a great way to begin without needing a large amount of initial cash.For larger companies, this can be a bit costly for many different aspects, but mainly for the amount of information that needs to be transferred.

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Routers vs. Firewalls—Which one are you missing?


The most critical aspect for business security is the security of the network used to access the internet.

Most businesses have some sort of router, like a Linksys, which blocks some incoming files, but allows all files out. What commonly occurs is that a h acker or some malware sneaks in through one of the opened ports, and takes control over the entire network. Old networks cannot maintain and protect large amounts of bandwidth.

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Password strength—How secure is your password?

 Studies show that changing a password every three months is good for internal protection in the office.

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Bringing your own devices to work

The biggest problem for the IT departments at small or large companies is when employees bring their own devices to work. There is no necessity for employees to bring their own devices to the work place. The problems they can cause to your network (both purposefully and accidentally) can be catastrphoic for your business.

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What's your Business's New Years Resolution?

 it's that time of year again—time to review your networks and computers so you can understand your risk of disaster. Check out the 10 questions we feel you should ask yourself concerning your business.

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Why you should keep FLASH off your website

 Like almost everything else in life, things must change and evolve to survive in its future environment. Flash is one of those things that should be left out of your new website. Sites that depend on Flash are usually not indexed on search engines, and if they happen to be, the result is a listing low on the page, or multiple pages back.

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PCI Compliance

credit card imageIf you have a Merchant Account, you MUST be PCI Compliant.
Are you PCI Compliance?