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Fax to email: The future of document sending

In this edition of the MJJT Consultants IT blog, we are going to discuss a better way to send documents over the wire. Fax to email is a new technology that enables you to link your business fax number to an email address and then converts all faxes to a PDF file.

This in turn will create a more efficient work environment. Email is a faster and more direct method of document transfer than fax. Using fax to email will also make a greener environment. Some faxes simply do not need to be printed. It is very often that offices will get a "junk fax." It's just like junk mail or junk email; they either get deleted or thrown away. In this case, junk faxes waste paper. With fax to email, your business can save money on inventory by nost wasting paper, but most of all, you will save money by not having to purchase a fax machine. Fax to email is the way of the future and makes fax machines obsolete.

Interested in making your business more efficient and saving money? MJJT Consultants can help you with their fax to email package and thrust your business into the 21st century.

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