Let your Doctors take care of the animals and let MJJT Consultants take care of your computers

Veterinarian Industries

When running a successful practice, the last thing you need is a computer system that doesn’t cooperate. This can slow productivity and in the worst cases, halt productivity all together. Is this a problem you have ever had to deal with? We are here to help. Here at MJJT Consultants, we pride ourselves in our veterinary management software expertise. Servicing veterinarians throughout the tri-state area, we have worked with top veterinary software companies to provide you with the most important up-to-date information for popular software brands such as ImproMed, AVIMark, and more. As our client, our goal is to help you maximize the productivity of your practice by providing a seamless optimization of your software, combined with unparalleled data security to guard against threats and make sure your business runs smoothly. On top of providing constant support to fix any issues if they arise, we go above and beyond to help our clients learn how to leverage their own computer systems as effectively as possible moving forward. With our software knowledge, fine-tuned optimization procedures, constant support availability, and roster of high profile veterinarian clientele, we are confident that we can take software problems out of the question for your practice, and allow you to focus more on what matters most: your clients. Help us help you. Reach out today and see how we can help your practice grow.

• Practice Management Software- experienced in every major system Cornerstone, Avimark, ImproMed, IDEXX to name a few

• XRAY - Midmark, Sound, IDEXX

• IT Support/Networking – you have an issue we have the solution

• Security and Firewall- protect your practice

• Phone Systems- Upgrade your phones to save money, increase revenue, and be more efficient

• CCTV- cameras to enhance security at your practice

• Data Back-Up and Recovery

  • Impromed Support
  • Midmard Support
  • Sound Support
  • Improview Support
  • AVImark Support
  • Antech Support
  • DYMO Support
  • Heska Support