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Transforming IT & Cybersecurity into a Business Enabler


Veterinarian Industry
Let your Doctors take care of the animals and let MJJT Consultants take care of your computers

Veterinarian Industry

veterinarians 739252 1280MJJT Consultants have been working closely with Bob Hosie, ImproMed Northeast Regional Manager, along with ImproMed to make practices grow and run more efficiently.  Coming to your help about your industry to make everything easy to use.  With ImproMed and AVImark Software which make practices flawless, we can help you make your practice more manageable.

Mark Caporaso DVM - Grady Animal Hospital

  MJJT Consultants were recommended to me by a mutual business associate. Michael Takacs came in to perform an evaluation of our operating system. Michael immediately identified numerous issues within our system and worked tirelessly to rectify the problems. I highly recommend Michael and his team at MJJT Consultants. They are Professional, Highly trained, and a pleasure to work with.

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PCI Compliance

credit card imageIf you have a Merchant Account, you MUST be PCI Compliant.
Are you PCI Compliance?