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Transforming IT & Cybersecurity into a Business Enabler


Our History

MJJT Consultants has roots in the IT services business starting from 1996. It is the umbrella company of Ultratek Computers & Communications, Top Web Designer, Tri-State Web Marketing, and several other properties started by Michael Takacs, CEO.

  • Ultratek Computers & Communciations
    Ultratek Computers & Communications was brought into the world in 1996. Ultratek is an Internet consulting firm specializing in building a global presence for businesses on the Internet and in developing and securing businesses online. Our focus is to design a marketing plan which will enable our clients to reach the millions of people accessing the Internet. Ultratek represents many design tools to create visually pleasing layout, composition, and design for its web pages. We blend this with the innovative power of digital communications to establish our clients' online presence.
  • Secured Transactions
    Secured Transactions was born in 1998. It is part of the MJJT Consultants, Ltd. group of companies, along with Ultratek Computers & Communication, Top Web Designer, and Tri-State Web Marketing. At that time, our primary concern was dealing with network security. However, Secured Transactions has since expanded to handle many forms of IT security, including project management and cybersecurity.
  • Top Web Designer
    Top Web Designer was released in 1998. Top Web Designer is New York's Premier web technology provider, with offices in Garden City, Long Island, and the Empire State Building in New York City. Web design, web development, web graphics, web updates, and web maintenance are just the basics. Top Web Designer is a true total communications resource, integrating all cutting-edge marketing, user interaction, eCommerce, and content management functionality to meet our clients' serious business needs to compete in the modern IT landscape.
  • Tri-State Web Marketing
    Tri-State Web Marketing was released in 2005. Tri-State Web Marketing offers corporations and non-profits extensive expertise in using the Web to do business. We understand web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and web-based marketing. We can help any business survive and thrive by selling its products and services on the Internet. Tri-State Web Marketing services are available individually, or as part of a complete package customized to meet your needs and budget. The Website Promotion and Web Marketing services can provide a comprehensive review of every aspect of your site. Tri-State Web Marketing can redesign your site, rewrite the copy, and optimize the site so it is found by the major search engines of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, among others.
  • MJJT Consultants
    Finally, in 2008, MJJT Consultants emerged as the umbrella company for Ultratek Computers & Communications, Top Web Designer, Tri-State Web Marketing, and several other properties. The merge was conducted so that all consulting, either IT or business, could be dealt all within one company. Not only does that save company time and money, but it also keeps all your information at one secure source, rather than among multiple companies. MJJT Consultants is your expert business advisor for a never-ending technical advances.
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